About Us

Being young has got nothing to do with age.

You're young if you sing along on your favourite song, you're young when you cry in the theatre, you're young when you let loose, you're young when you smile at a happy ending and you're young if you believe you're young. It is for these young ones who never lose their zing that we bring the best youth oriented television entertainment.

no day is complete till you've had a bit of drama so we bring you best of fiction shows crafted especially for the youth to keep them zinging.

Youth makes the world go round and music makes them go round that's why we bring the best Bollywood music, that continues all through the day, every day.

When it comes to Bollywood there is very little that escapes us and very much that the youth wants to know, so when they want the freshest news from Bollywood the youth simply Zing.

Because when you're Zinging, you're young. and being young has got nothing to do with age.